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What is Access to HE?

Who we helpLearnersWhat is Access to HE?

The Access to Higher Education Diploma is a Level 3 qualification designed to give people the knowledge and skills needed to study in higher education.

The qualification aims to:

  • prepare adults who do not have the necessary qualifications to enter university;
  • offer a general introduction to study skills and key areas of knowledge within the subject(s) taken;
  • help people to become independent, self-directed learners and prepare them for the demands of undergraduate study;
  • offer a positive and supportive learning experience where people can build their skills and confidence.

The information below is aimed at answering some questions that you may have if you're interested in studying for an Access to HE Diploma. 

You can find out which providers offer the Access to HE Diploma by visiting our Access to HE Course Directory and read the stories of Bradley and Cecilia to find out how their lives were transformed by the Access to HE Diploma.

Open Days

Check our Access-To-HE learners page to see upcoming college open days.

Missed the start of the academic year? You can enrol on Access to HE Diplomas starting in November and January now. Find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions