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Learner FAQs

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What are credits?

A credit is a way of measuring and valuing your learning

What can I use my certificate for?

OCN London qualifications and accreditation are nationally recognised and accepted as means of entry into employment as well as further learning within further and/or higher education.

What if I am moving part way through my learning?

OCN London credits are nationally recognised. This means that if you move to another part of the country your credits move with you and you can achieve more credits at your new location with a new centre.

How will my learning be assessed?

Your tutor will tell you more about how your learning is to be assessed. On most courses, the tutor or trainer assesses your work as you go along and this does not necessarily involve exams. For example, the course work you produce, such as computer printouts, paintings or projects, will show you and your tutor what you have learned.

How do I get my certificate?

The centre where you are learning is responsible for registering you with OCN London. The centre notifies us of your achievement and we will then issue your certificate, which your centre will forward to you.

How do I get a replacement if I have lost, or damaged, my Certificate?

You can request a replacement certificate by completing our replacement certificate request form. There is a fee for processing your request that can be paid online.