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Qualification Verification

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Qualification Verification

Need to check if a qualification certificate has genuinely been issued by OCN London? Our free qualification certificate verification service can instantly confirm if a certificate for award of an OCNLR qualification or Access to HE Diploma has authentically been produced by OCN London.

You will need the following information to complete the verification, most of which you will find on the certificate:

  • Qualification Number (QAN)
  • Certificate Number
  • Learner Name (Surname, Forename)
  • Learner Date of Birth (DOB)

Qualification Number (QAN) – not applicable for Access to HE Diploma certificates

Please click below to access the Qualification Verification service.

Access to HE Diploma or OCNLR Qualification

To check the validity of credit certificates issued for achievement on any OCNLR accredited courses, please submit an enquiry via our Contact Us form.

Please provide the learners name along with the Learner ID, Certificate Number and Award Date that show on the bottom right hand corner of the certificate.