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Kimberley Shoard. Overcoming autism to become a teacher.

Kimberley Shoard. Gained an Access to HE Diploma in Teacher Training at Kingston College. Now studying Primary Teaching at St Mary’s University, Twickenham (started in 2017).

Kim, who has autism, started her Access to HE Diploma  in Teacher Training. But a slow processing speed, linked to autism, presented her with challenges.  Despite this, Kim found ways around her difficulties and developed firm resolve to succeed. She coped by using highly effective methods of research, note making and planning, by adopting colour coding and visual markers, and spending a long time working on her assignments. Her classmates were understanding, allowing her additional time when delivering presentations.

Kim achieved 42 Distinctions in her graded work and  was the first person that year to gain a Distinction in English.  Her tutors said: “When Kim started the course she had never successfully written an essay before. A major triumph has been her determination to push the boundaries of her communication skills. She is already better placed than many teachers to understand the importance of an inclusive educational environment and a positive mindset towards diverse needs."

Kimberley won the OCN London Michael Sargent Bursary Award for Outstanding Commitment to Study in 2017.