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Barry Kaiza. Former refugee from Uganda now pursuing a career in networking and cyber security

Barry Kaiza. Gained an Access to HE Diploma in Computing at City of Westminster College.  Now studying Networking and Cyber Security at London Metropolitan University(started in 2017). 

Since coming to the UK in 2013 as a refugee from Uganda, Barry struggled to support himself.  Being unemployed and homeless, staying in a Salvation Army hostel, made it doubly hard for him to study. Despite not having a computer – a bit of problem since he was studying computing – Barry was able to complete the Access to HE Diploma in Computing  with the help of the college and friends who gave him access to PCs.  

His tutors said: “Barry has been able to overcome all this through sheer determination, commitment to his education and support from his friends. He

is a very good student and worked extremely hard on the activities we set him, demonstrating resourcefulness and an ability to effectively and efficiently problem solve in various contexts .”

Barry was runner up for the OCN London Michael Sargent Bursary Award for Outstanding Commitment to Study in 2017.