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14 to 19 learners

Who we helpLearners14 to 19 learners

As a learner aged between 14 and 19 you are at one of the most critical stages of your life. What you learn and how you apply yourself now is fundamental to what you can achieve during your adult life. It could also help set you up for the career or college course you want later on.

OCN London aims to help young people by working with organisations to develop courses relevant to your needs and interests that also have meaning and value to colleges, universities and employers.

Our qualifications offer bite-sized learning units for core subjects such as literacy and numeracy, there’s a wide range of vocational ‘taster’ units covering topics as diverse as customer service, horticulture and music production.

It’s not just learning in school that can help set you up for the future. More and more, activities outside of school are also accredited, giving you the opportunity to pick up a nationally recognised certificate wherever and for whatever you achieve. OCN London accredits all kinds of organisations that deliver some form of training, from DJ school to mobile app development; from nursing and healthcare to fashion marketing, we offer certificates for nationally recognised qualifications that give credit to your achievements.

Contact your local college or training provider to find out more about their accreditation and courses.