Qualifications with green units

Embedding sustainability into the curriculum

The UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021 (COP26) has highlighted that the world is currently not on track to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, therefore, everyone must work together to drive forward global action and promote sustainable behaviours. As highlighted in the AOC's report on green colleges, the education sector has the opportunity to weave sustainability into curriculums, which in turn will support the development of ‘green skills’ and progression to ‘green jobs’ across different sectors.

We are fully committed to embedding climate change awareness and green core skills for sustainable living into existing and new OCN London qualifications, assessments, as well as learning resources.

Progress with Access to HE Diplomas

  • The Access to HE Diploma in Fashion Studies has a new unit in sustainable fashion that can help learners understand the key debates around sustainable fashion - ethical fashion, working conditions, origin of garment production, sustainable materials, recycle and reuse, fast fashion.
  • The Access to HE Diploma in Science is equipped with environmental science units that can help learners prepare for further study and work in areas such as ecology, conservation and marine biology.
  • (NEW) The Access to HE Diploma in Environmental Science is equipped with units covering topics such as environmental management, oceanograpy, sustainable futures and population dynamics

Qualifications with green units

We have multiple qualifications that combine essential learning and employability units with sustainability, environmental conservation and green care units. Examples of qualifications with green units include:

  • L2 Award in Nature Based Intervention and Health introduces the concept of social prescribing to learners who are working in the environmental or outdoors sectors, who have been asked to support ‘green care’ interventions and includes a unit titled ‘ Introduction to Green Care and Nature-Based Interventions’.
  • E3 in Horticultural Skills includes selection of green care, including a unit in undertaking a social enterprise project in horticulture and sustainability
  • E3 and L1 Skills for Vocational Studies include a selection of units in sustainability, environmental conservation and green care
  • L1 and L2 in Skills for Professions in Horticulture, Environmental and Animal Care include environment and conservation pathways 
  • L1 Award and Certificate in Skills for Professions in Construction and Engineering which includes a range of units in sustainability and environmental awareness
  • L2 Award and Certificate in Skills for Professions in Business Administration and Finance which includes  a unit titled ‘Supporting sustainability in the office environment’.

Full list of qualifications with green units 2021-22


Delivering qualifications with green units

In this session, we will be discussing DfE's sustainability and climate change strategy and how you can embed green qualifications into your curriculum.


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