Qualifications for learner progression and employability

We understand that the purpose of adult education is to help your adult learners upskill and reskill while also enhancing their health and wellbeing. This is why we have handpicked the following qualifications which can be added to your curriculum instantly and will meet your learners' needs in this academic year:


Our suite of Entry Level 3  and Level 1 qualifications in Health and Wellbeing can help you enhance learner engagement and wellbeing. They are short and easy to take up, come with free online learning resources and are ideal for helping learners achieve a national qualification this academic year. Qualifications include:

Full list of qualifications

Our qualifications in Skills for Vocational Studies have been designed to provide a flexible approach to sector-based study, combining units from multiple vocational areas alongside learning and employability skills units, including English, Maths and ICT. Available at Entry Level 3 and Level 1, these qualifications are suitable for a varied group of learners, including adults returning to learning, learners with "spiky profiles", and learners who in the past may have felt disengaged from learning. Qualifications include:

Many of the Level 1 units include free learning resources.

We have developed a number of employability-based qualifications which feature updated and fresh unit content designed to help learners develop the skills they need today to access employment opportunities. Many of the units in these qualifications have free learning resources and can be delivered in a variety of learning environments.

Integrated ESOL Pathways

Our integrated ESOL pathways will help you form ideas for retaining your ESOL learners and helping them progress using OCN London qualifications. FIND OUT MORE

Essential digital skills

In  2020, the Department for Education announced that a number of ICT and digital skills will lose ESFA funding on 1 August 2021. 

As part of the reforms, new Essential Digital Skills qualifications (EDSQs) have been developed in accordance with the new national standards that reflect the digital and connected world we live in. OCN London Essential Digital Skills qualifications are now available for all post-16 learners.


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