Awarding of OCN London qualifications in 2020-21

Date: Tuesday 23 February 2021


OCN London Arrangements for Vocational Qualifications in 2020-21

The information on this page applies to arrangements for the award of Ofqual Regulated qualifications in 2020-21. If you are delivering Access to HE Diplomas please refer to separate QAA guidance.

Supporting centres and learners

Throughout this crisis we have been supporting our centres to deliver and assess remotely so that their learners are given the best possible opportunity to complete their courses, achieve the qualifications and progress to the next stage of their learning. We understand that this is not always an option for some learners due to their personal circumstances. However, we will continue to pursue all possible routes within the parameters set by the Department for Education and the regulator to help you to support learners through this difficult time, whilst maintaining the rigour of the quality assurance process and the validity of the qualifications. We continue to work with Ofqual to this end.

New arrangements for the award of vocational qualifications

Following the outcome of the Ofqual January consultation on ‘Alternative arrangements for the award of VTQs and other general qualifications in 2021' there will be revised arrangements for awarding in 2021. The direction to Ofqual from the Secretary of State is due to be published this week and will set out the approach to awarding for vocational qualifications.

What happens next?

Once the details are confirmed by Ofqual we will be advising you which of our qualifications will be in scope of the alternative arrangements, our updated approach to adaptations, information on our general approach to alternative arrangements and how we will support you for the rest of the year.

What should I be doing now?

In the meantime, the arrangements for 2020-21 continue to operate in accordance with the Extended Extraordinary Regulatory Framework (EERF) published in October 2020 which focuses on the adaptation of qualifications and assessments as a means of mitigating the impact of disruption to teaching, learning and assessment. 

Our guidance for centres on adaptation was developed in line with these regulations. For most of our qualifications the flexibility of the assessment strategy means that any necessary adjustments can be made within the parameters of the published qualification specification. OCN London qualifications are internally assessed – we do not deliver external end assessments - and it has therefore been more straightforward for us to supp ort you in adaptation.

What is happening with quality assurance?

External Moderation continues to be held remotely. We continue to make provision for centres to upload assessed work and other related materials ahead of planned dates for external moderation. If you have a course where assessment and internal moderation has been completed, or a longer course where this has been done for a number of units, please let us know so that we can arrange for external moderation to be carried out as soon as possible.

What support is available?

Since the autumn we have been holding regular online meetings to discuss plans for delivery and assessment during the current year.  These meetings will continue as we further develop our approaches to enable learner achievement this summer in line with any updated Ofqual guidance and are in a position to engage directly with you about the options available. 

In addition, we are planning to hold webinars that will enable us to share information in a wider forum. These webinars will be bookable via the website.

Who do I contact for advice and support?

If you have any questions or would like to speak with us about anything relating to your delivery and assessment of OCN London qualifications, please contact the Quality and Standards team at

Alternatively, you can contact the Business Support team on 020 7278 5511 and they will be able to direct you to the right person to deal with your query.

You will also find the names of all our staff members, their email addresses and their direct lines on this website.

We know that many of you are delivering and assessing remotely and facing the challenges of working in isolation. We are here to support you through this crisis so please do not hesitate to get in touch so that we can provide guidance for any particular situation you may be faced with,  including now anything relating to the planned move back to on-site delivery.


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