L1 Award in Internet Safety with free learning resources

As the world we live in is increasingly influenced by digital technologies, it is essential to be aware of the risks associated with socialising and working in digital environments. Digital resilience helps individuals understand and manage risks online. The ‘Digital resilience Framework’ published in 2019 by the UK Council for Internet Safety explains the steps we need to take to be safe and secure online:

  1. Understand – An individual understands when they are at risk online and can make informed decisions about the digital space they are in.
  2. Know – An individual knows what to do to seek help from a range of appropriate sources
  3. Recover – An individual can recover when things go wrong online by receiving the appropriate level of support to aid recovery.
  4. Learn – An individual learns from their experiences and is able to adapt their future choices , where possible.

Our Level 1 Award in Internet Safety aims to help people stay safe when using the Internet and be able to safeguard themselves and others when working online, take precautions to maintain data security as well as follow the necessary guidelines and procedures when working online.

Key Benefits

  • Short, easy to take up and ideal for helping learners achieve a national qualification this academic year
  • Free supported materials
  • These qualifications are ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) funded, approved for learners aged 16-19 and 19+, and appear on the Section 96 register

L1 Award in Internet Safety



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