Awarding OCN London qualifications in summer 2020

Awarding OCN London qualifications in summer 2020

We understand what a difficult time this is for our centres and their learners, so we want to make the process of awarding OCN London qualifications through the exceptional arrangements as streamlined as possible.

This information and the processes outlined are only for centres who:

  • Deliver OCN London regulated national qualifications;
  • Started the delivery of the qualifications before 20th March;
  • Have registered learners on that qualification who would have been assessed between 20 March and 31 July;
  • Have not been able to deliver and assess through the normal quality assurance processes.

What you need to do next.

First check the OCN London list of mitigations to see which arrangement is required for assessing and awarding the qualification(s) you deliver. The three mitigations are calculate, adapt, delay.

Please get in touch with our quality team if you have any queries.

OCN London’s approach to summer 2020 awarding

We believe it is in the best interests of the learners to complete their programme of learning where possible so that they are fully prepared for progression. We believe it is in the interests of the centres too because those learners who are better prepared are more likely to succeed in the next course they enrol on.

We have worked with centres since March to support the remote delivery and assessment for our qualifications, making adjustments to delivery that are permissible within the assessment strategy for many of our qualifications and in line with our guidance on authenticity. 

We have amended the mitigations for a number of our qualifications from adaptation to calculated grades as a way of ensuring that all learners have an opportunity to have their results assessed. 

Where delivery has continued for qualifications that are now ‘calculate’, that work can be used to provide good, trusted evidence for Centre Assessment Grades, allowing a more valid award. 

We understand that there will still be learners for whom there is insufficient evidence to reach a decision on a calculated grade.

Key Documents

Name of document

What this document is for

OCN London qualification mitigations spreadsheet

This is a list of the arrangements (mitigations) for awarding any OCN London qualification in scope of the Extraordinary Regulatory Framework. (NB ‘calculate’, ‘adapt’, and ‘delay’, are on separate tabs.)

OCN London Guidance for Awarding in Summer 2020 - ADAPTATION 

This guidance is to help you with assessment for qualifications designated ‘adapt’.

OCN London Guidance for Awarding in Summer 2020 – CALCULATED GRADES 

This guidance is to help you with preparing and submitting claims for qualifications designated ‘calculated grades’.

OCN London Guidance for Awarding in Summer 2020 – CALCULATED GRADES –Instruction Manual


This manual sets out, step by step with screenshots, what you need to do to make claims for qualifications designated ‘calculated grades’.


CAGfor1900001 (Example of a CAG Evidence Record completed) 

This provides you with a visual example of a completed CAG Evidence Record.

OCN London CAG Internal Moderation Record template 

This form is required to record the IM event that needs to be carried out – one for each qualification per centre. Also available in QuartzWeb – it should be completed and uploaded through QuartzWeb.

Head of Centre Declaration 

- This form is required once per centre as a formal declaration from the Head of Centre that all claims made have been through appropriate checks and therefore that all claims are reliable. Also available in QuartzWeb – it should be completed and uploaded through QuartzWeb.

CAG Evidence Records - How to access, fill in and upload to QuartzWeb

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