Covid-19: information for our customers and learners

Date: Monday 1 June 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus

OCN London is following advice from and is in contact with both of our regulators (Ofqual and QAA) to mitigate any adverse effect on the award of qualifications to learners as a result of the temporary closure of learning establishments. 

Ofqual regulated OCN London national qualifications

For those centres delivering OCN London Ofqual regulated national qualifications, Ofqual published their proposed extraordinary regulatory framework for vocational and technical qualifications on Friday, in response to the Direction they received from the Secretary of State. This framework is now out for consultation as is the statutory requirement. Having gathered information from awarding organisations, Ofqual will advise the DfE on the list of qualifications that fall within this framework. The approach to be used to award each qualification will then be confirmed as i) calculated results or ii) adaptation of assessment(s) or iii) rescheduling of assessment(s).

We are currently contacting centres to discuss the mitigations we are planning for our qualifications.

QAA regulated Access to HE Diplomas

For those centres delivering Access to HE Diplomas, QAA has published guidance for centres and learners on their extraordinary regulatory framework. Learners expected to complete their qualification by 31 July 2020 will be awarded a graded Diploma based on the assessment they have already completed with calculated grades for all remaining assessments that have submission dates after 20 March 2020. Please see further information about the decision on the QAA AccesstoHE website. 

Information for learners on this decision is also on the website. See here.

Bespoke accredited courses (not regulated)

For those centres delivering bespoke accredited courses, please continue to talk to your OCN London External Moderator or curriculum contact regarding any modifications you need to make to the delivery and assessment of your courses during this time, and to make arrangements for external moderation to take place remotely, where applicable and possible. There are other options we can discuss, including delaying the assessment and/or external moderation. 

Talk to us

We are completely committed to working with our centres to help you and your learners through this unprecedented situation. Our curriculum and quality staff are liaising with centres to offer support for continuing delivery online. 

Please talk to us. If you are interested in having a video conference meeting with a member of our team, just email us to arrange a time.

All of our staff are working from home and the office will be closed for the period of lockdown. We are liaising with centres as usual by telephone, email and video meetings. Due to the changes we have made to our systems over the past few years I am pleased to say we are able to continue operating our business entirely remotely. Our main switchboard is operating as usual and you can also contact staff members on their direct lines.


With the office closed we are providing alternative options to hard copies of certificates for the interim period; we can send confirmation of achievement reports by email or there is the option to download e-certificates via QuartzWeb which can then be emailed to the learners. Please email the address at the bottom of this page to request more information about these options.


The telephone numbers for all OCN London staff members are on our website so please get in touch with your named contact or email them or contact

We will bring you further updates and guidance as we receive it.

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