Essential Digital Skills Qualifications Update - September 2020

Date: Tuesday 22 September 2020

Progress Update: We are pleased to say OCN London’s Essential Digital Skills qualifications are in the final stages of development and approval. We have developed Essential Digital Skills qualifications at both Entry Level 3 and Level 1. They will be available for delivery in January 2021 pending Ofqual approval.

The government announced a legal entitlement to funding for adults for Essential Digital Skills qualifications which came into effect in August 2020. Only qualifications that have been submitted to and successfully completed the Ofqual Technical Evaluation process will attract this funding. 

We have developed two qualifications at Entry 3 and two at Level 1:

Level Qualification Title TQT GLH
E3 OCNLR Entry Level Award in Essential Digital Skills for Everyday Life (E3) 50 48
L1 OCNLR Level 1 Award in Essential Digital Skills for Everyday Life 60 48

Some of the key characteristics proposed are as follows:

  • all assessments are to be externally set and provided by OCN London
  • all assessments are internally marked 
  • assessment methods used are in every case appropriate to the learner target group, inclusive and relevant, focusing on application of skills
  • assessments assess learners’ practical ability via practical demonstrations and the application of underpinning knowledge


OCN London is already in the process of ‘trialling’ assessments and other EDSQ elements with various centres. If you are interested in being involved in the testing process or have further questions about OCN London’s approach to the EDSQs, please email our Head of Qualifications and Innovation, Colin Rugg-Easey  

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