Qualifications with Low Or No Registrations

Postponement of the withdrawal of public funding for qualifications with low enrolments.

As a result of the current unprecedented circumstances which are creating significant pressures for awarding organisations and providers, the DfE have reconsidered the timeframes for the notifications regarding the withdrawal of funding for qualifications with low and no publicly funded enrolments.  

We are pleased to advise you that DfE are postponing the appeals process for qualifications with low publicly funded enrolments until next spring.

Qualifications with low publicly funded enrolments which are included on the published list will now retain funding for two further academic years - 2021 to 2022.

The notification process for the appeals will be relaunched in the autumn. This will be carried out as part of the second cycle of funding approval decisions for qualifications with low and no publicly funded enrolments. The qualifications will therefore be in scope to have funding approval removed from August 2022. The exact timescales for these revised arrangements will be published in the autumn.

For qualifications with no publicly funded enrolments, the process continues but the deadline for submission of appeals is now 30th April.

OCN London has taken the decision not to appeal any of our qualifications that are included on the no publicly funded enrolments list.

If you have any concerns about specific qualifications, or the review as a whole, please get in touch with your OCN London curriculum contact or call 020 7278 5511 and ask to speak to a member of the curriculum team.

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