Qualifications with Low Or No Registrations

Date: Thursday 27 February 2020

OCN London’s response to the withdrawal of public funding from 1st August 2021 for qualifications with low or no registrations.

As part of the Level 3 and below qualifications review the DfE has identified a list of 5,323 qualifications that will have public funding removed for new starts from 1st August 2021. The basis for the DfE withdrawal of public funding is that the qualifications have had no or low (1-99) registrations from publicly funded centres over a 3-year period 2015-2018.

Please be assured the removal of public funding from qualifications does not affect the Ofqual approved status of the qualifications. The qualifications will still be available for delivery beyond 1st August 2021 unless we have made a decision to withdraw them for other reasons.

We have a number of qualifications on the list, of which over half had already been identified for withdrawal prior to the publication of the list, in most cases because they have been replaced with updated qualifications. 

How are we responding?

We are now working to identify which of the qualifications on the list we will appeal for funding to be continued, in discussion with centres that are delivering them and in accordance with the criteria DfE have set.

We are keen to ensure that our qualifications remain current and fit for purpose. As part of the process we are identifying suitable alternatives for qualifications that are on the list, where possible, and these options will be discussed with centres.

What are the next steps?

Awarding organisations can request to retain funding where they can provide evidence to show that there is an increase in demand for the qualification and/or it is a niche qualification and/or removing funding for new starts for the qualification will have a significant adverse impact on learners, providers, specific sectors or geographical area.

The deadline for submitting requests is 27 March 2020. Evidence required for appeals may include letters of support from providers, local or combined authorities, employers or trade bodies. We would ask centres to please provide us with the evidence requested as soon as possible after we have contacted you.

We want to assure you again that these proposed withdrawals relate only to public funding and will not take effect until 1st August 2021.

If you have any concerns about specific qualifications, or the review as a whole, please get in touch with your OCN London curriculum contact or call 020 7278 5511 and ask to speak to a member of the curriculum team.

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