How to Develop Emotional Resilience

Taking steps to look after people’s wellbeing can help them deal with pressure and reduce the impact that stress has on their lives, according to the charity Mind.

This is sometimes called developing emotional resilience – being able to cope in challenging circumstances and ensure wellbeing. Our new Awards in Developing Emotional Resilience will provide people with strategies for dealing with challenging situations.

The Level 1 Award in Developing Emotional Resilience is designed to help people understand what is meant by ‘emotional resilience’, recognise their own personal responses to situations and find ways of dealing with them. It can be applied to people in a personal, professional or voluntary capacity.

The Level 2 Award in Developing Emotional Resilience, designed in partnership with a further education college and healthcare provider, is aimed at people already working – or planning to work – in the health and social care sector, such as care homes and hospices. It will cover issues such as dealing with loss and change, understanding the boundaries in people’s professional lives and different ways of engaging with emotionally challenging situations.

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