Catering for the 'Cappuccino Culture'

The catering, hospitality and tourism sector is changing. To meet the needs of people working in this area we have created a new suite of qualifications – the Level 2 Skills for Professions in Catering, Hospitality and Tourism (offered as an Award, Certificate and Diploma). These qualifications will cover not just the skills and knowledge needed to work in traditional areas of the  industry, but other emerging areas as well. Some people might be working (or hoping to work) as baristas in cafes and coffee bars, so need a qualification that equips them for those kind of roles. Others may be part of the new generation of entrepreneurs who need business start-up skills for their killer ideas for a bijou hotel or a pop-up street food stall. The qualifications will also cater for diverse customers with varied dietary preferences and needs, from international cuisines, to the requirements of vegetarians, vegans and those with food allergies.

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