Customer survey results show we provide excellent service

We take care to provide the very best service to customers in our centres. So it is wonderful to hear that they really appreciate what we do, as shown in the findings of the customer survey we sent out in November last year. A big thanks to all of you who responded. The team here at OCN London always put themselves out to help and it was rewarding to hear that you think our service is excellent. We were also interested to hear about new products and training courses you would like us to investigate and how you prefer us to communicate with you. We will certainly take those on board.

Quality of customer service. 94% of you were either ‘extremely satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with the quality of our customer support. Customer service is excellent. There is always someone you can email any questions, raise concerns and clarification  with and email enquiries have always been responded to quickly” (Local authority adult education provider in the Midlands). Every single question I have ever had has been answered with patience, efficiency and expedience” (Charity specialising in construction training).

Responsiveness. The same percentage (94%) felt that we were either ‘extremely responsive’ or ‘very responsive’ to questions or concerns raised. No one said that we were ‘unresponsive’. I have never been let down. All my queries have been responded to immediately and resolutions have been found(Further education college in West London).  “Any queries always resolved quickly and efficiently with friendly service” (National skills organisation).

Time taken to address questions and concerns. 59% of you said you received a quicker response from OCN London than expected after making contact with us. 41 per cent said that the response time was as expected. “Always receive same day responses” (Macmillan Cancer Support). Outstanding service from everyone at OCN London” (Further education college in South London).

Products meeting needs. 93% of you said our products meet your needs either ‘extremely well’ or ‘very well’. The products we use allow our students to develop and progress either to other courses within FE or to HE” (Further education college in South London).

Satisfaction with communications. The same number (93%) were either ‘extremely satisfied’ or ‘very satisfied’ with our communications. A few of you want more information about new courses and units, which we will take on board. “I think you have it just right” (Support broker).

Usefulness of communications. Although you find the website useful, you still like to be contacted by e-mail. Your comments suggest that we aren’t bombarding you with too much information, which is good to hear. “There isn't an overload of marketing emails, which I greatly appreciate” (Residential college in the South East).

E-newsletter. 80% found the contents of our e-newsletter (which was started in April last year) either ‘very helpful’ or ‘moderately helpful’. A few specialist centres asked for more information that is relevant to their needs, something that’s always hard to do with an e-newsletter that’s circulated widely. But we will try and accommodate these requests. “Very informative” (Adult college in West London).

Social media. Nearly three quarters of you use some form of social media. Here are the findings. Facebook 60%, LinkedIn 45 per cent, Twitter 32.5%,  Google+ 23.75% and Instagram 13.75%. A few are using What’s App and Google Classroom.

Thank you to everyone who took the trouble to complete the survey and provide us with so many comments.  

The lucky winner of the £50 voucher was from Women’s Health and Family Services who have accepted this as a donation to their charity.

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