Key details

OCNLR Level 2 Extended Certificate in Skills for Professions in Engineering Qualification Guide
(with units)
Qualification approval number  601/6063/9
Per-learner fee to centre  £90.00
Guided learning hours  203
Credit value  26
Minimum age for access  14

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    About this qualification

    Provide a flexible approach to study using a range of vocational units within Engineering combined with optional employability and learning skills units. This qualification is suitable for use in a range of learning situations and lends itself to the development of individualised learning programmes. The qualification provides learners with the opportunity to consolidate and extend their learning in preparation for higher level vocational learning, apprenticeships or employment within the sector..

    Units with support materials and tutor resources

    The below units have associated Resource packs, Interactive resources, and/or the Online platform.
    Please contact us to enquire about using these materials or to see demo.

    Name Resource pack Interactive resources Online platform
    Applying for a job [M/505/1481]
    Career Planning [A/505/1225]
    Collaborative Working Using Digital Technology L2 (Assessment only) [M/616/8892]
    Creating and Publishing Websites L2 (Assessment only) [D/505/1735]
    Digital Content Creation – Text and Image L2 (Assessment only) [F/616/8895]
    Improving Personal Productivity L2 (Assessment only) [Y/616/8899]
    Preparing for an Interview [A/505/1497]
    Programming Fundamentals L2 (Assessment only) [J/616/8901]


    There is funding available for this qualification from the following source(s):
    Adult Skills, 16-19 EFA, Section 96 (Approved for 14-16s). Find out more by accessing The ESFA funding hub.

    Where can I study this qualification?

    For information on where to study this course please email or call 020 7278 5511.

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