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OCNLR Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Schools Qualification Guide
(with units)
Qualification approval number  603/4398/9
Per-learner fee to centre  £38.00
Guided learning hours  48
Credit value  6
Minimum age for access  16

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    About this qualification

    The OCNLR Level 1 Award in Preparing to Work in Schools has been developed to provide an introduction to key issues for people who are new to working in a school, or learning centre for young people, in a non-teaching capacity, or for people who hope to start doing so soon. The key issues are covered, with safeguarding the subject of a mandatory unit, and with a choice from other optional units including: ‘how schools work as organisations’, ‘communicating with children and young people’, ‘conflict in the classroom’, ‘craft activities’, ‘supporting learners for whom English is not their first language’, and ‘awareness of mental health and wellbeing’.

    Units with support materials and tutor resources

    This qualification can be delivered entirely using our Resource packs, Interactive resources, and/or the Online platform.
    Please contact us to enquire about using these materials or to see demo.

    Name Resource pack Interactive resources Online platform
    Communicating with Children and Young People in a Learning Environment L1 [R/617/5558]
    Craft Activities in a Learning Environment L1 [D/617/5854]
    Employment Opportunities in Children and Young People’s Educational Settings L1 [L/617/5767]
    Mental Health Awareness L1 (Rise360/OPAL course) [K/616/6509]
    Supporting Learners for Whom English is not their First Language L1 [H/617/5855]
    Understanding Conflict in the Classroom L1 [F/617/5586]
    Understanding How Schools Work as Organisations L1 [K/617/5856]
    Understanding Safeguarding of Children and Young People in a Learning Environment L1 [L/617/5557]


    There is funding available for this qualification from the following source(s):
    Adult Skills, 16-19 EFA, Section 96. Find out more by accessing The ESFA funding hub.

    Where can I study this qualification?

    For information on where to study this course please email or call 020 7278 5511.