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Instructions for trialling the system. A – for learners – B for tutors.

A. Instructions for learners - How to up-load a work file

Click the following link to access the eSubmission web page to up-load a document to an ePortfolio for Jane Smith. You will be assuming the role of Jane for this test. Please note that you will need to enter a few pieces of information into the eSubmission web page, as set out below.

Click on the link below to access the ‘up-load’ or ‘eSubmission’ web page.

  1. Identify the course with the following RAC number: 1483800.
  2. This is a course set up for you to test the system – in real life this would be the RAC code of the OCN London course run you have registered learners on.

  3. Add 1st and 2nd name as ‘Jane’ and ‘Smith’
  4. Click “Get My Units”. The drop down list will populate with the units that “Jane Smith” is registered on.
  5. Select a “U1_Assessing Your Capacity to Start and Run A Business”.
  6. Leave the learning outcome box (LO) as 1.
  7. In real life your document would be work to be assessed for a particular unit and cover one or more learning outcomes within that unit.

  8. Add your email address. This is so that the OPT system can send you an email confirming the up-load was successful.
  9. Click Choose a file to select a document to upload from your computer or device. (Make it a small-ish one for the test, as very large file scan take longer to upload.)
  10. Click Upload document. An email will arrive within seconds confirming the document has been up-loaded.

That’s essentially it for learners. Simple, safe and user friendly. Tutors can use the same system to up-load documents on behalf of learners if they wish, if they would rather do this themselves.

To experience the system as a tutor / assessor or moderator, see below.

B Tutor / Moderator Instructions

Logging in as a tutor will allow you to browse the contents of the system from a tutor’s and moderator’s perspective. You could for example, navigate to the file you just up-loaded as a learner, and see how that can be opened by the tutor or verifier, as if this were going to be assessed.

1/ Log in to with these credentials:


Password: TestCentre1

NB If you are already logged in to Google Drive under your own account you will need to log out by clicking the icon on the top right and selecting “Sign Out”. Google may redirect you to the account security page. If this happens click the nine dots on the top right and select Drive:

2/ After logging in, you will be presented with a folder for the pretend ‘Test Centre’. Open this to find the pretend course run listed. (If your centre has several course runs using the OPT system, they would each have a separate folder listed here.). Open the folder to see a list of the learners registered on the course. Here you have access to the individual learner’s ePortfolios that hold up-loaded work and also the tracking sheets for each unit. For this sample test course run we have added three units.

Click a learner’s name to see their unit folders, and then click a unit folder to access any work up-loaded by that learner for that unit. For example, go to Jane Smith’s folder, and click on the 1st Unit, and then open the tracking sheet which now should have a link and record of the file you just up-loaded as a result of the above ‘learner’ instructions.

As a tutor / assessor, you open the work from the learner, by clicking on that link. You may then leave feedback for the learner in the space designated. When this is done, email a link to the tracking sheet so the learner can access the feedback. (This is done by clicking ‘Add-ons’>’OPT’>’OCNLondon email link to learner’.)

That’s the essentials! Request a brief practical session to get you up and running if needed.

Contact Colin Rugg-Easey, Head of Quality and Product Development at OCN London or email .

If you have further questions, do call us up on 020 7278 5511. Also, see our dedicated web pages about OPT -