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How do I become an OCN London centre?

Please see here.

Are passwords and login codes needed?

Centres will be issued with a username and login of the form [centre name] in order to log into the system.

Learners can interact with the eSubmission system without logging in. They simply identify themselves with their name and RAC/cohort number. The RAC/cohort number is the same for all learners in a class and should be given to them by their tutor.

The convenience of the OPT system is that a classroom full of learners could have the RAC/cohort number and the eSubmission URL written on the blackboard (i.e. it is the same for all of them). This is possible because the eSubmission is "one-way" and will not allow access to any learners' documents.

What technical knowledge is required?

The system is designed around not requiring the tutor or learner to have any specialist knowledge.

The learner simply has to know how to go to a website, browse to a document on their own computer and click upload.

The tutor interacts with the system by logging in, browsing around the intuitive folder structure and using the pre-populated Tracking Sheets.

What equipment is needed? Is the ePortfolio viewable on smartphones and tablets?

The system is online and can be accessed by any browser on any internet enabled device.

What happens if someone deletes files?

Only a tutor can delete a file; a learner would not be able to. The permissions have been carefully set to make it impossible to delete a large number of files accidentally (an entire cohort for example) however a tutor could still accidentally delete an individual document uploaded by a learner.

If this happens get in touch with OCN London's admin team who will try to restore the file from back up.

Can videos and other non-text based work be uploaded?

Yes. Any file type can be uploaded subject to limitations on file size.

Can I embed OPT into our own site?

The esubmission form can be embedded into any site in an iframe, enabling you to brand the system any way you like. Please email for information on how to do this.

Why have our learner folders started to appear at the top level of the drive?

This is a problem affecting ePortfolios produced end of 2016/ start of 2017. To remove the learner folders from the top level (without removing from its correct place inside the RAC folder) do the following:

  • Select the folder
  • Click the i icon
  • Click the Details tab
  • Next to Location click the X next to My Drive