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Funding information

We know how important it is to have information about funding in order to make decisions about your curriculum. So we have provided lists of all our qualifications that are eligible for funding, plus a summary of the latest changes in the funding rules from the Education and Skills Funding Agency. 

Use the qualification search and amend the funding field to see how our qualifications are funded or use the following links:

OCN London qualifications eligible for funding by the Educational and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

OCN London qualifications funded by the Education Funding Agency (EFA)

Advanced Learning Loans help learners enter education and training without having to pay fees up front. Learners aged 19 plus are now eligible to apply for Advanced Learning Loans for qualifications at Levels 3-6. 

OCN London Qualifications eligible for Advanced Learner Loans

OCN London Qualifications eligible for Advanced Learner Loans (not including Access to HE)

For the next academic year (2017/18) the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) are making some changes to the way they fund qualifications. The intention is to streamline the funding rules and remove duplication by setting out the rules that must be followed for all SFA providers. Find out more.

We know you are planning your curriculum for 2017-18 delivery so we are pleased to announce the following:

  • Following the publication of the Local Flexibilities list for 2017-18 by the SFA we can confirm that our qualifications will continue to be funded for the next academic year as part of the Adult Education Budget.
  • Our Access to HE Diplomas will continue to be funded in category 1 (see information about the three funding streams below) as a first full Level 3 entitlement and are also eligible for Advanced Learning Loans for learners aged 19 plus+.
  • Under local flexibilities funding rules locally accredited provision can also attract funding. We can work with you to develop credit-based, tailored provision that is eligible for funding, to meet your particular local skills requirements.
  • We will shortly be adding more Level 3 qualifications to the list for Advanced Learning Loans.

How the SFA makes decisions about funding

  • Learner achievement is measured by outcomes. For instance, progression to a positive destination such as further learning or employment could be regarded as a suitable outcome.
  • There are three key streams of funding. (1) For full Level 2 and 3 entitlements. (2) For l Local flexibilities. (3) For Advanced Learning Loans.
  • A flexibilities funding stream based on local responsiveness has been introduced. Local commissioning bodies work learning providers to determine the provision needed and where qualifications are needed to meet local skills needs.
  • The full Level 2 and 3 entitlement funding for learners aged 19-23 is restricted to the Department for Education’s list of approved qualifications in the move towards a single list of qualifications for learners aged 16-23. These qualifications are the same as those offered in schools and have specific requirements for external assessment.
  • English and maths will continue to be national priorities and therefore attract funding.

Further information

The two key funding-related documents that apply to OCN London qualifications are the Adult Education Budget Funding Rules (published in January 2016) and the Qualification Eligibility Principles for Funding (published in February 2016). The Adult Education Budget combines all SFA participation and support funding that is not European Social Fund, advanced learner loans or apprenticeships.

More information can be found on the SFA website.