Guidance on using the EDSQ Assessment Event update form

When you have registered some learners on an Essential Digital Skills Qualification, you will need to inform OCN London of when you intend your learners to sit the 5 APs (Assessment Papers). You can do this using the below form.

If you know the dates of all your APs, you can inform us by clicking on "AP1", "AP2" etc. below and selecting the dates in the boxes provided. If you only know some of your planned AP dates (AP1, AP2 and AP3 for example) you can click Submit after informing us of just those dates. Later you may resubmit the form with the dates for AP4 and AP5.

If at any point during your delivery of EDSQs you need to plan a resit, you can also use the form below to inform us of this. Simpy complete the form as you would for an ordinary Assessment Paper but check the box "Is Resit" and select from which set the resitted paper is being sat.

Please use the notes field to record anything you feel we need to know about the course run or any of the assessment events.

    The Course Run number is a 7 digit number begining 15*****