This training session is ideal for tutors new to formal assessment and moderation or new to OCN London accreditation and qualifications.

During the morning ‘Introduction to Assessment and Building Learner Portfolios’ session, you will:

  • Be introduced to principles of assessment and building learner portfolios;
  • Identify characteristics of credit-based learning;
  • Select appropriate assessment methods for your OCN units;
  • Evaluate the use of different types of assessment evidence;
  • Draw up guidelines for assembling learner evidence portfolios;
  • Be guided on how to make good assessment judgements.

During the afternoon ‘Introduction to Internal and External Moderation’ session, you will:

  • Consider the purposes and benefits of internal and external moderation;
  • Look at the role of internal moderator and quality reviewer;
  • Evaluate your own organisation’s model of internal moderation;
  • Learn how to record outcomes of internal moderation;
  • Look at the content and purpose of quality reviewer reports.

The training day is delivered in a small group setting, which means that it is easy to get direct feedback from our experienced tutor that is relevant to your centre and situation.

Additional information

Please note, this training is not suitable for Access to HE.

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