This list covers all the OCN London units that have support materials available to centres. Some of these are assessment tasks only, some include lesson plans and ideas for activities or are Resource packs, Interactive resources, or are on our Online platform. If you would like details of what is included for a specific unit please give us a call.

Unit content can be seen using the hyperlink from the unit title and in the last column you can see which qualification contains the unit by clicking on the link. You can also browse by qualification(s).

Increasingly centres are putting together groups of units into courses, which are fundable using ESFA Component Funding. Full details of funding for units can be found by checking the Learning Aims Database HERE.

CodeUnit NameCreditLevelOCN RefMaterialsLinked Quals
A/502/4834 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 1E3NA1/E3/LQ/001Resource Pack
A/502/9662 Awareness of Communication in Adult Social Care 2L1PT1/1/LQ/004Resource Pack
A/503/2836 Self-assessment 1L1HB2/1/LQ/001Resource Pack
A/503/4893 Customer Care 2L1BA3/1/LQ/001Assessment only
A/504/0614 Peer Mentoring Skills 3L2PT1/2/LQ/001Assessment only
A/504/1651 Making a Product 2E3WB2/E3/LQ/001Assessment only
A/504/8826 Personal and Interpersonal Conflict 3L1HB1/1/LQ/053Interactive resources
A/505/0222 Film Project 3L2KJ2/2/LQ/002Assessment only
A/505/1225 Career Planning 3L2PA1/2/LQ/030Resource Pack
A/505/1483 Health and Safety in the Workplace 2L2PA1/2/LQ/031Resource Pack
A/505/1497 Preparing for an Interview 1L2PA1/2/LQ/032Resource Pack
A/505/1967 Critical Thinking 3L2HB1/2/LQ/033Resource Pack
A/505/9129 Following Instructions 1L1HC4/1/LQ/036Resource Pack
A/507/0681 The Cardiovascular System 3L2PA1/2/LQ/081Resource Pack
A/507/2074 3D Computer Graphics 3L2CQ5/2/LQ/006Assessment only
A/508/0689 Critical Thinking 3L1HB1/1/LQ/064Resource Pack
A/508/0692 Organisational Skills 3L1HC7/1/LQ/007Resource Pack
A/508/1423 Planning a Healthy Diet 3L1PA1/1/LQ/022Interactive resources
A/508/1941 Developing Animation 3L1KJ3/1/LQ/002Assessment only
A/508/1955 Game Engine Technologies for Creative Media Industries 6L1CS0/1/LQ/001Assessment only
A/615/6776 Internet Safety for IT Users 3L1CN0/1/LQ/003Interactive resources and online platform
A/616/8247 Set-Up and Maintain a Digital System 3E3CN0/E3/LQ/016Assessment only
A/616/8250 Automation within Word Processing 3L1CN0/1/LQ/006Assessment only
A/617/1259 Planning Mobile App Production 3L2CL1/2/LQ/007Assessment only
A/617/2587 Digital Literacy 3E3CX7/E3/LQ/001Assessment only
A/617/4758 Introduction to Big Data 6L2KJ3/2/LQ/016Assessment only
A/617/9006 Introduction to Big Data 5E3KJ3/E3/LQ/004Assessment only
A/617/9071 Developing Emotional Resilience 1E3PA1/E3/LQ/006Interactive resources and online platform
A/618/3055 Preventing the Spread of Infection and Disease 1L1PL3/1/LQ/001Interactive resources
A/618/5887 Essential Digital Skills for Everyday Life 5E3CN0/E3/LQ/021Resource Pack
AFY752 Sole Trader Final Accounts 3L3AK6/3/LN/028Resource Pack
BRU163 Contrasting Models of Political Economy: Social Democracy and Thatcherism 3L3EA2/3/LN/111Assessment only
BYD658 Final Accounts 3L3AK6/3/LN/034Resource Pack
BZA943 Political Ideologies 3L3EA2/3/LN/128Assessment only
CBA643 China and America: The Changing Profile of World Power 3L3EA6/3/LR/001Assessment only
CBA782 Reading and Comprehension of Texts 3L3HC7/3/LR/010Resource Pack
CBA783 Finding and Reading Information 3L3HC7/3/LR/011Interactive resources
CBA784 Report Writing 3L3HC7/3/LR/012Resource Pack
CBA785 Examination Skills: Preparing for and Succeeding in an Examination 3L3HC7/3/LR/013Resource Pack
CBA786 Extended Project 6L3HC8/3/LR/003Resource Pack
CBA794 Reading and Comprehension of Scientific Writing 3L3HC7/3/LR/014Assessment only
CBA806 Equality, Diversity and Anti-Discriminatory Practice 3L3EE3/3/LR/004Resource Pack
CBA808 Feminist Ideology 3L3EA2/3/LR/005Assessment only
CBA812 Introduction to Community Care 3L3PR1/3/LR/008Resource Pack
CBA847 Essay Writing 3L3HC7/3/LR/016Interactive resources
CBA851 Note-taking and Note-making 3L3HC7/3/LR/018Interactive resources
CBA853 Speaking and Listening Skills 3L3FN2/3/LR/005Resource Pack
CBA855 Writing and Delivering Seminar Papers 3L3HC7/3/LR/019Resource Pack
CBA856 Writing Standard English 3L3FN2/3/LR/006Interactive resources
CBA878 Multimedia Presentation 3L3CQ6/3/LR/003Assessment only
CBA916 Attachment Theory 3L3PK1/3/LR/008Resource Pack
CBA919 Developmental Psychology 3L3PK1/3/LR/009Resource Pack
CBA924 Introduction to Psychology 3L3PK1/3/LR/012Resource Pack
CBA928 Mental Health and Illness 3L3PH4/3/LR/007Resource Pack
CBA931 Psychological Abnormality 3L3PK1/3/LR/015Resource Pack
CBB005 Algebra 3L3RB3/3/LR/003Resource Pack
CBB007 Amount (mole) of Substance 3L3RD3/3/LR/002Resource Pack
CBB008 Atomic Physics 3L3RC6/3/LR/002Assessment only
CBB010 Biological Chemistry 3L3RH5/3/LR/002Assessment only
CBB018 Chemical Kinetics 3L3RD4/3/LR/007Assessment only
CBB022 Electricity 3L3RC5/3/LR/003Assessment only
CBB028 Fields in Physics 3L3RC1/3/LR/009Assessment only
CBB032 Homeostasis and Controlling Factors in the Body 3L3RH4/3/LR/015Resource Pack
CBB033 Human Biology 3L3RH4/3/LR/016Resource Pack
CBB036 Matter: Particles and Formulae 3L3RD1/3/LR/017Assessment only
CBB050 Properties of Matter 3L3RC6/3/LR/003Assessment only
CBB052 Motion, Energy and Forces 3L3RC7/3/LR/001Assessment only
CBB055 The Blood 3L3RH4/3/LR/020Resource Pack
CBB056 The Cardiovascular System 3L3RH4/3/LR/021Resource Pack
CBB058 The Chemistry of Organic Compounds 6L3RD4/3/LR/011Assessment only
CBB060 The Endocrine System 3L3RH4/3/LR/023Resource Pack
CBB064 The Reproductive System 3L3RH4/3/LR/026Resource Pack
CBB065 Thermal Properties of Matter 3L3RC4/3/LR/001Assessment only
CBB071 Anatomy and Physiology 6L3RH4/3/LR/028Resource Pack
CBB081 Handling Scientific Data 3L3RB1/3/LR/016Resource Pack
CBB084 Medical Imaging 3L3RC8/3/LR/005Assessment only
CBB085 Waves 3L3RC8/3/LR/006Resource Pack
CBB092 International Politics 3L3EA6/3/LR/003Assessment only
CBB115 Interpreting Poetry 3L3FC4/3/LR/009Assessment only
CBB119 Studying a Play 3L3FC4/3/LR/013Assessment only
CBB124 Safeguarding and Children's Welfare 3L3PR2/3/LR/009Resource Pack
CBB126 The History and Development of the Welfare State 3L3PR2/3/LR/011Resource Pack
CBB128 Crime and Deviance 3L3EE2/3/LR/025Resource Pack
CBB136 Sociology of Education 3L3EE2/3/LR/033Resource Pack
CBB138 Families in Society 3L3EE2/3/LR/035Resource Pack
CBB171 Introduction to Sociology 3L3EE2/3/LR/044Resource Pack
CBB176 Democracy: Principles and Practice 3L3EA2/3/LR/009Assessment only
CBB183 Politics and Power: The Practice and Purpose of Politics 3L3EA2/3/LR/013Assessment only
CBB253 Business Communication and Information Management 6L3AA3/3/LR/006Resource Pack
CBB257 Communication Skills in a Professional Setting 6L3PA1/3/LR/022Resource Pack
CBB259 Ethical Dilemmas 3L3PA1/3/LR/024Resource Pack
CBB262 Health Inequalities 3L3PA1/3/LR/027Resource Pack
CBB264 Interpersonal Communication in a Health or Social Care Setting 3L3PA1/3/LR/029Resource Pack
CBB269 The Role of the Health or Social Care Professional 3L3PA1/3/LR/033Resource Pack
CBB275 Mixed Economy of Welfare in UK Society 3L3PR2/3/LR/017Resource Pack
CBB277 Introduction to Social Work 3L3PR1/3/LR/011Resource Pack
CBB302 Human Tissues and Systems 3L3RH3/3/LR/027Resource Pack
CBB303 Disease and Immunity 6L3RH3/3/LR/028Resource Pack
CBB305 Arithmetic Skills for Health Studies 3L2HC7/2/LR/033Resource Pack
CBB326 Nutrition, Digestion and Excretion 6L3RH4/3/LR/030Resource Pack
CBB333 Introduction to Economics 3L3EB1/3/LR/008Resource Pack
CBB336 Business Organisation and Structure 3L3AA3/3/LR/007Assessment only
CBB342 Human Resources 6L3AJ4/3/LR/004Resource Pack
CBB386 Formation of Contract 3L3EC1/3/LR/015Resource Pack
CBB390 Business Mathematics: Statistics and Probability 3L3RB7/3/LR/009Resource Pack
CBB392 Preparation for Higher Education 3L3HC7/3/LR/020Interactive resources
CBB444 Website Design and Creation 6L3CK8/3/LR/011Assessment only
CBB450 Portfolio Development and Presentation 6L3JA2/3/LR/026Assessment only
CBB459 Computer Hardware 3L3CJ5/3/LR/004Assessment only
CBB466 Image Manipulation Fundamentals 3L3KJ1/3/LR/017Assessment only
CBB496 Program Control, Structures and Procedures 6L3CK1/3/LR/004Assessment only
CBB508 Cells 3L3RH4/3/LR/032Resource Pack
D/502/9590 Introduction to the Values and Principles of Adult Social Care 1L1PT1/1/LQ/008Resource Pack
D/504/8432 Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness 3L1HB1/1/LQ/001Interactive resources and online platform
D/504/8866 Undertaking an Enterprise Project 3L1HC1/1/LQ/020Resource Pack
D/505/1671 Understanding Business and Enterprise 3L1AE4/1/LQ/001Resource Pack
D/505/1735 Creating and Publishing Websites 4L2KH1/2/LQ/001Assessment only
D/506/1052 Improving Own Learning And Performance 3L2HB1/2/LQ/045Resource Pack
D/508/0698 Revision and Exam Skills 3L1HC7/1/LQ/011Resource Pack
D/616/6510 Awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing 2L2PA9/2/LQ/002Interactive resources
D/616/8239 Digital Content Creation – Text and Image 3E3CN0/E3/LQ/009Assessment only
D/616/8242 Improving Personal Productivity 3E3CN0/E3/LQ/012Assessment only
D/616/8256 Digital Safety and Security 3L1CN0/1/LQ/012Assessment only
D/616/9567 Social Media and Mental Wellbeing 2L1PA1/1/LQ/032Interactive resources
D/617/1254 Creating a Native App 4L2CL1/2/LQ/002Assessment only
D/617/4753 Computer Game Development 10L2KJ3/2/LQ/012Assessment only
D/617/5854 Craft Activities in a Learning Environment 1L1GB3/1/LQ/005Resource Pack
D/617/6194 Digital Video 3E3KJ2/E3/LQ/001Assessment only
D/617/8236 Understanding Safeguarding in a Working Environment 1L1HB5/1/LQ/002Interactive resources
D/617/9077 Understanding the Importance of a Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise 1E3PA1/E3/LQ/012Interactive resources
F/500/8540 Making Informed Career Choices 2L1HC1/1/LQ/002Assessment only
F/502/9579 Introduction to the Adult Social Care Sector 1L1PT1/1/LQ/007Resource Pack
F/502/9727 Awareness of the Role and Responsibilities of the Adult Social Care Worker 1L1PT1/1/LQ/005Resource Pack
F/503/3048 Engage in Discussion 1E3HD3/E3/LQ/001Resource Pack
F/504/0615 Understand Peer Mentoring 3L2PT1/2/LQ/002Assessment only
F/504/8505 Understanding Diversity within Society 3L2HE4/2/LQ/001Resource Pack
F/504/8519 Developing Skills for Gaining Employment 3E3HC6/E3/LQ/004Assessment only
F/505/8788 Skills for Employability 3E3HC4/E3/LQ/032Resource Pack
F/506/8799 Introduction to the Hair and Beauty Sector 2E3HL1/E3/LQ/004Resource Pack
F/507/2058 Digital Animation 6L2JB6/2/LQ/001Assessment only
F/508/0709 Teamwork Skills 3L1HC7/1/LQ/012Resource Pack
F/508/0712 Word Processing 3L1CP0/1/LQ/003Resource Pack
F/508/1939 Creative Media Production Skills 4L1KB2/1/LQ/002Assessment only
F/615/9078 Understanding Safeguarding in a Learning Environment 1L1HB5/1/LQ/001Interactive resources
F/616/8248 Automation within Digital Design 3L1CN0/1/LQ/004Assessment only
F/616/8895 Digital Content Creation – Text and Image 3L2CN0/2/LQ/007Assessment only
F/616/8900 Introduction to Mobile App Development 4L2CN0/2/LQ/012Assessment only
F/617/2588 Digital Literacy 3L1CX7/1/LQ/001Assessment only
F/617/5586 Understanding Conflict in the Classroom 1L1GB3/1/LQ/003Resource Pack
F/617/5863 Prevent Duty Awareness 1E3GA8/E3/LQ/001Interactive resources
F/617/9007 Introduction to Cyber Security 5E3KJ3/E3/LQ/005Assessment only
F/617/9010 Introduction to User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design 6E3KJ3/E3/LQ/008Assessment only
F/617/9072 Developing Healthy Relationships and Respect 2E3PA1/E3/LQ/007Interactive resources
F/618/5888 Essential Digital Skills for Everyday Life 5L1CN0/1/LQ/020Resource Pack
H/503/2832 Applying for a Job 1L1HC6/1/LQ/001Assessment only
H/503/7495 Valuing Equality and Diversity in Society 1E3EC5/E3/LQ/001Interactive resources
H/504/8447 Referencing Skills 1L2EC1/2/LQ/002Assessment only
H/504/8478 Understanding Mental Health 3L2PH4/2/LQ/001Resource Pack
H/505/3227 Using the Internet 1E3CR3/E3/LQ/006Resource Pack
H/505/8704 Communication Skills for Business 3L2AY6/2/LQ/002Resource Pack
H/507/2019 Preparation for Employment in the Creative and Digital Industries 3L2JC1/2/LQ/001Assessment only
H/507/2070 Research for Creative Media Production 3L2KA2/2/LQ/005Assessment only
H/508/0637 Introduction to Study Skills 3L1HC7/1/LQ/013Resource Pack
H/508/0699 Speaking and Listening Skills 3L1HD2/1/LQ/001Resource Pack
H/508/6616 Prevent Duty Awareness 1L1GA8/1/LQ/001Interactive resources
H/602/5941 Financial Literacy: Budgeting and Money Management 1L1HB1/1/LQ/002Assessment only
H/616/8257 Improving Personal Productivity 3L1CN0/1/LQ/013Assessment only
H/616/8260 Set-Up and Maintain a Digital System 3L1CN0/1/LQ/016Assessment only
H/616/8890 Automation in Office Programs 3L2CN0/2/LQ/003Assessment only
H/616/9568 Body Image and the Media 1L1PA1/1/LQ/033Interactive resources
H/617/1255 Creating a Web App 4L2CL1/2/LQ/003Assessment only
H/617/3474 Animal Health and Welfare 3L2SH6/2/LQ/001Assessment only
H/617/4432 Supporting Learners for whom English is not their First Language 2L1PT1/1/LQ/035Resource Pack
H/617/4754 Cyber Security 6L2KJ3/2/LQ/013Assessment only
H/617/5855 Supporting Learners for Whom English is not their First Language 1L1GB3/1/LQ/006Resource Pack
H/617/6195 Game Engine Technologies for Creative Media Industries 6E3CS0/E3/LQ/001Assessment only
H/617/6200 Presentation Skills 2E3HC7/E3/LQ/004Assessment only
J/503/2807 Applying for a Job 1E3HC6/E3/LQ/001Assessment only
J/504/8537 Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship 3E3HE4/E3/LQ/003Resource Pack
J/504/8764 Writing Standard English 3L2FN2/2/LQ/005Resource Pack
J/504/9364 Health and Safety in a Practical Environment 1L1PL5/1/LQ/002Assessment only
J/507/2014 Game Design Concepts 4L2KJ3/2/LQ/003Assessment only
J/508/0694 Problem Solving Skills 3L1HC7/1/LQ/010Resource Pack
J/508/0713 Writing 3L1HD3/1/LQ/027Resource Pack
J/508/1313 Dementia Awareness 3L1PA1/1/LQ/011Interactive resources
J/508/1943 Digital 3D Modelling for Creative Media Industries 6L1CQ6/1/LQ/004Assessment only
J/508/1974 Understanding the Purpose of Advertising 1L1KA1/1/LQ/002Assessment only
J/616/8249 Automation within Spreadsheets 3L1CN0/1/LQ/005Assessment only
J/616/8252 Digital Communications Technology 3L1CN0/1/LQ/008Assessment only
J/616/8896 Digital Safety and Security 3L2CN0/2/LQ/008Assessment only
J/616/8901 Programming Fundamentals 4L2CN0/2/LQ/013Assessment only
J/616/8994 Computer Networks 3L2CN0/2/LQ/016Assessment only
J/616/9546 Understanding the Effects of Sleep on Health 1L1PA1/1/LQ/028Interactive resources and online platform
J/617/2589 Digital Literacy 3L2CX7/2/LQ/001Assessment only
J/617/6190 Creative Media Production Skills 4E3KB2/E3/LQ/001Assessment only
J/617/9008 Introduction to Data Analysis 6E3KJ3/E3/LQ/006Assessment only
J/617/9011 Planning a Mobile App 5E3KJ3/E3/LQ/009Assessment only
J/617/9073 Developing Personal Confidence and Self Awareness 3E3PA1/E3/LQ/008Interactive resources
K/500/5423 Work Experience 3L1HC4/1/LQ/008Assessment only
K/501/6891 Work-based experience 3L1HC4/1/LQ/001Resource Pack
K/503/0967 Developing Confidence and Self-Esteem 1L1HB1/1/LQ/031Assessment only
K/503/2833 Preparing for an Interview 1L1HC6/1/LQ/003Resource Pack
K/503/7496 Valuing Equality and Diversity in Society 1L1EC5/1/LQ/001Interactive resources
K/504/8773 Measures 3L2RB1/2/LQ/002Assessment only
K/505/3049 Applying for a Job 1L1HC4/1/LQ/022Assessment only
K/508/0638 Time Management Skills 2L1HC7/1/LQ/014Resource Pack
K/508/1935 Creating and Publishing Web Pages 3L1CR1/1/LQ/001Assessment only
K/616/6509 Awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing 1L1PA9/1/LQ/012Interactive resources and online platform
K/616/8244 Introductory Computer Science 3E3CN0/E3/LQ/013Assessment only
K/616/8258 Introduction to Programming 3L1CN0/1/LQ/014Assessment only
K/616/8261 Using Mobile Apps within a Vocational Role 2L1CN0/1/LQ/017Assessment only
K/617/5856 Understanding How Schools Work as Organisations 1L1GB3/1/LQ/007Resource Pack
L/507/2077 Interactive Multimedia Concepts 5L2CQ6/2/LQ/007Assessment only
L/508/0695 Punctuation and Grammar 2L1HD3/1/LQ/025Resource Pack
L/508/0700 Spelling 3L1HD3/1/LQ/028Resource Pack
L/616/7524 Developing Leadership Skills 1L1HB6/1/LQ/003Interactive resources
L/616/8253 Digital Content Creation – Audio and Video 4L1CN0/1/LQ/009Assessment only
L/616/8897 Hardware and Software 4L2CN0/2/LQ/009Assessment only
L/616/8902 Using Structured Query Language (SQL) 5L2CN0/2/LQ/014Assessment only
L/616/9564 Developing Assertive Behaviour 2L1PA1/1/LQ/029Interactive resources
L/617/5557 Understanding Safeguarding of Children and Young People in a Learning Environment 1L1GB3/1/LQ/001Resource Pack
L/617/5767 Employment Opportunities in Children and Young People’s Educational Settings 1L1GB3/1/LQ/004Resource Pack
L/617/6191 Developing Animation 3E3KB2/E3/LQ/002Assessment only
L/617/9009 Introduction to Emerging Technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) 5E3KJ3/E3/LQ/007Assessment only
L/617/9074 Personal Safety Awareness 2E3PA1/E3/LQ/009Interactive resources
M/502/9660 Awareness of the Skills and Attitudes Needed to Work in Adult Social Care 1L1PT1/1/LQ/006Resource Pack
M/503/0968 Developing Confidence and Self-Esteem 1L2HB1/2/LQ/032Assessment only
M/503/2834 Interview Skills 1L1HC6/1/LQ/002Assessment only
M/504/4398 Behaviours, Attitudes and Attributes Required for Employment 1L1HC1/1/LQ/001Resource Pack
M/504/8497 Introduction to Career Preparation 1E3HC1/E3/LQ/001Resource Pack
M/505/1481 Applying for a Job 2L2PA1/2/LQ/045Resource Pack
M/505/2453 Equality and Inclusion in Health, Social Care or Childrens and Young Peoples Settings 2L2PA1/2/LQ/009Resource Pack
M/506/2562 Human Biology 3L2RH4/2/LQ/002Resource Pack
M/508/0639 Presentation Skills 2L1HC7/1/LQ/009Resource Pack
M/508/0687 Action Planning for own Development 2L1HB1/1/LQ/063Resource Pack
M/508/0690 Essay Writing 3L1HC7/1/LQ/005Resource Pack
M/600/6471 Media Audiences and Products 5L2KA2/2/LQ/002Assessment only
M/616/7435 Contribute to Running an Event 3L1BA1/1/LQ/003Assessment only
M/616/8245 Personal Productivity Programs 3E3CN0/E3/LQ/014Assessment only
M/616/8259 Search Engines and Online Research 2L1CN0/1/LQ/015Assessment only
M/616/8892 Collaborative Working Using Digital Technology 3L2CN0/2/LQ/004Assessment only