What is it?

The Online Platform is exactly that. It combines teaching, learning and assessment task materials in the form of an e-portfolio, in one place which is easily accessible for learners and tutors. 

Key Features:

  • The learner will work through information and activities in the embedded e-portfolio and then complete assessment tasks to confirm understanding.
  • Learners also have the opportunity, via links included, to access external resources to extend their learning and understanding.
  • Tutors receive updates when a learner has completed their assessment tasks and can then log-in and mark, giving feedback all within the e-portfolio.
  • Internal moderators can log-in to review marked learner tasks and the tutor feedback.
  • The Online Platform is provided free to approved centres who set up a course to deliver the qualification.

Click on our step-by-step flowchart below to see the OPAL assessment process​.

How to use it?

You can use this resource for distance learning, or as part of a package where there is some face to face or online contact with learners, but they also need to complete work on their own. The Online Platform has been developed to be easy to access on a range of devices including mobile phone, laptop, tablet or PC.

What does it look like?

Online platform access to interactive resources:

Online platform assessment tasks:

For more samples and demos click here

If the portfolio or embedded courses would benefit from some amendment to meet the needs of your students – then do ask. We may be able to make some alterations that whilst fulfilling the requirements of the qualification address specific learner needs. We also have options to set up your own courses or even supply you with a version of OPAL. 

What do I need to be able to use this?

The Online Platform is called OPAL, we make this available to Centres and once you have registered learners, they will receive an individual log-in and then can work though the materials and assessment tasks. 

Tutors will receive an individual log-in to assess work submitted by learners and there is also an administration log-in. 

You can add OPAL to your own Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), this would require some technical changes.  

What do I need to do next?

Existing Centres will need to ensure they are approved to deliver the qualifications chosen, if not click here.

If you are already approved to deliver a qualification and wish to use OPAL, let us know so we can provide the information you need.