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OCNLR Level 2 Certificate in First Steps to Enterprise Qualification Guide
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Qualification approval number  600/5531/5
Per-learner fee to centre  £61.00
Guided learning hours  98
Credit value  13
Minimum age for access  16

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    About this qualification

    The OCNLR Level 2 Certificate in First Steps to Enterprise provides a framework of learning for learners to explore the potential, and gain knowledge and understanding of, the implications of starting their own business. The qualification units will enable learners to work through the process of deciding whether self - employment is a viable option for them, support them in the definition and development of a business idea and learn the skills of selling a product or service. Optional units will enable learners to explore one or more business models and develop their skills in the use of social media as a vital business tool.

    The qualification is suitable for anyone who is considering self -employment but may be particularly suitable for people currently unemployed, on government work programmes or who may have had some informal business experience. This qualification forms part of a suite of OCNLR qualifications to support adult entrepreneurs and learners can progress to a range of level 3 qualifications designed to support people to create, launch, sustain and grow a business.


    There is funding available for this qualification from the following source(s):
    Adult Skills, EFA, Section 96. Find out more by accessing The ESFA funding hub.

    Where can I study this qualification?

    For information on where to study this course please email or call 020 7278 5511.