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Why choose us for your Essential Digital Skills provision?

Inclusive assessment design 

OCN London has always provided qualifications that allow flexibility in assessment. We recognise the diversity of learning styles and needs that people have, and there are many who benefit greatly from non-traditional learning and assessment methods.

While the Essential Digital Skills qualifications require formal assessment methods, we have taken extra steps to ensure our assessment design will provide all learners an equal opportunity to demonstrate their learning.

We have achieved this by making our assessments highly intuitive, interactive and reflective of real-life scenarios. The practical nature of the assessments will provide learners with an authentic learning experience and help build the confidence they need to develop their digital skills and progress in their personal and professional lives.

Expertise in the field

In recent years, OCN London has led the way in addressing digital exclusion with the launch of our Digital Skills and related qualifications, and welcomes the Government’s new Digital Skills Framework initiative.

We have employed the same expertise in developing our new Essential Digital Skills qualifications, based on the national standards.

Centre support

We are known for providing exceptional operational support and personal service with named contacts for centres in curriculum, quality and business support.

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Enquire about delivering Essential Digital Skills qualifications