Our Endorsed Training Scheme will appeal to organisations and employers who are seeking a quality badge for the in-house training they develop and deliver. Different from our other services, the Endorsed Training Scheme does not involve the assessment of learners and the requirement to provide evidence of achievement.

Instead this Scheme gives you the option of gaining recognition from OCN London for the quality and standard of the content and delivery of the training you have created. It is also a way of helping you to assess the effectiveness of the delivery against the aims and purpose.

What are the benefits?

Stamp of approval by a nationally recognised awarding organisation for the quality of your training

Programmes and courses are developed and written by you to meet your own training requirements

Retain ownership of your training programmes and courses whilst promoting them as OCN London Endorsed

Straightforward application process


Learners can receive a badged record of attendance for the completion of the training programme or course

No learning outcomes and assessment criteria attached to training or CPD activities


Whilst they do not provide learners with a nationally recognised qualification regulated by Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), they are suited to organisations and employers who are seeking a quality badge for the quality and standard of their bespoke training programmes or courses, and their learners will benefit from being offered an OCN London badged attendance certificate.


What types of training do we endorse?

Training programmes and courses include a wide range of informal learning opportunities and in-house training, such as online or face to face training in the workplace, webinars, presentations, seminars and workshops.

This is how it works

Click on our step-by-step flowchart to see the Endorsed Training Scheme application and submission process:

How to apply to deliver Endorsed Training

Whether your organisation is new to OCN London or already approved to deliver our services, you will need to complete an application to deliver the Endorsed Training Scheme.

Already an OCN London Centre? Apply here

New to OCN London? Apply here



Please read the guidance document before completing the application form.



Comparison of OCN London Services

  Regulated National Qualification Bespoke Accredited Course Endorsed Training Scheme OCN London Assured Access to HE Diplomas
Developed by OCN London      
Owned By OCN London      
Assessment of learners    
Subject to annual quality review visits  
Sits on the Register of Regulated Qualifications (RRQ)        
Learners receive Qualification certificate Record of achievement Record of Attendance   Qualification certificate