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We work with you to turn your course into an accredited programme of learning.

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One of the most popular services we offer is an accreditation service to organisations that have developed their own courses and training programmesBespoke accredited courses are non-regulated qualifications designed by your organisation and accredited by us. Learners on your courses will receive recognition for their achievements from a nationally recognised awarding organisation – OCN London - who will quality assure the content and assessment of the course and award records of achievement to learners.


  • Your courses or training programmes will be quality assured by a nationally recognised awarding organisation
  • We will work with you to develop tailor made units that meet your requirements and are suitable for face to face, blended or remote learning
  • Your learners will receive a record of achievement from a national awarding organisation 

First, you need to sign up to become an OCN London Centre. This is very straightforward. Next, our experienced curriculum team will work with you to ensure that your programme clearly shows the skills and knowledge your learners have at the end of their course and how this has been demonstrated.

We will work with you to develop new units that are tailor-made to suit your particular needs, mapped to the content of your courses. All our bespoke units contain learning outcomes and assessment criteria. We encourage flexibility and variety in approaches to assessment – something that our centres really like.

Have a look at our step-by-step flowchart to the bespoke accreditation process:

If you are an existing centre, please contact your Curriculum and Relationship Development Manager to discuss your requirements

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Case Studies

These are some of the organisations we have worked with, helping them to develop and accredit tailor-made programmes.

Positively UK

Adapting face-to-face training for remote delivery.

"I am incredibly grateful to the OCN for their help and expertise in adapting our training resources to be delivered as e-learning materials.They translated our content into engaging and interactive resources with interesting visual designs, using images that were relevant to the topic.One of the modules that was developed relates to a specific bespoke qualification in relation to HIV Treatment Literacy..."READ FULL CASE STUDY

Macmillan Cancer Support

Training for people who help others living with cancer.

Macmillan Cancer Support wanted to accredit a course that provides training for a wide range of staff, volunteers and professionals who all support people who are living with cancer. We worked together to structure and accredit the course into four bespoke units. So far around 2,000 people have studied on the course, including doctors, nurses and therapists, fundraisers, friends and families.


Level 5 Course in Teaching Students with Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) in HE and FE

We helped ADSHE accredit a course which was specifically aimed at professionals working with adults in education. This course contained four bespoke units designed to equip participants with the tools needed to become Specialist SpLD tutors working with students in a Higher Education setting or within a college of Further Education...READ FULL CASE STUDY


Expanding a small enterprise into a thriving business.

Babyem, an organisation that provides training in baby care and childcare, has grown from running courses for small groups in a village hall in South London to becoming a leading training provider of maternity nurse training in the UK and internationally. We worked with them to accredit their training programme so everyone who participates receives a recognised certificate.

Fine Cell Work

Providing employability skills for offenders.

Fine Cell Work is a charity that provides training for offenders in creative needlework, which helps to develop their skills and build self-esteem. As there were no ‘off-the-shelf’ programmes that met their needs they approached us to help develop and accredit their tailored courses.

Toynbee Hall

Helping people to manage their personal finances.

Toynbee Hall is a centre in Whitechapel that provides support and training for the diverse communities in London’s East End. They identified a local need for education in financial literacy, helping people to manage their personal finances. We worked with them to help accredit their Community Money Mentors programme.


If you are interested in the delivery of online or blended learning we are able to support you with a full range of services to help you develop your offer.Click HERE for further details and how to get in touch.

Comparison of OCN London Services

  Regulated National Qualification Bespoke Accredited Course OCN London Assured Access to HE Diplomas
Developed by OCN London    
Owned By OCN London    
Assessment of learners  
Subject to annual quality review visits
Sits on the Register of Regulated Qualifications (RRQ)      
Learners receive Qualification certificate Record of achievement Qualification certificate