The purpose of standardisation is to ensure consistency in the application of levels and credits across OCN provision and to ensure consistency of practice in assessment and moderation. It involves assessors coming together with samples of learner work that they have assessed and carrying out peer review of one another’s assessment to establish whether there is agreement and consistency.

There are three tiers of standardisation activity:

  1. OCN London standardisation
    Undertaken within Recognised Centres to standardise internally set tasks and the outcomes of internal assessment. Centres are required to carry out an internal standardisation exercise at least once every year and to address any variations in assessment that are identified.
  2. National standardisation
    Samples evidence from Centres' local standardisation from across OCN London Recognised Centres to ensure comparability between them and feeds back the outcomes to Centres. Certain qualifications are selected each year by OCN London, with the widely used being subject to annual standardisation.
  3. National standardisation
    In some cases widely used qualifications can be subject to standardisation activity that involves a number of Awarding Organisations, whether initiated by the Awarding Organisations themselves or by the Qualifications Regulators.