We have recently developed a facility called ‘The Hub’ that enables centres to access external moderation sooner and so allow super-fast certification for their learners.

‘Hub Events’ are designated days scheduled regularly throughout the year. Centres book to receive an external moderation soon after the end of their course run. Rather than waiting for a Centre Moderators to become available for an individual centre visit, centres can simply book into a Hub Event on one of the scheduled Hub Event days that suits them best. This can be booked well in advance and ensures that successful learner’s portfolios will be moderated and the centre sent certificates, within days… potentially even hours after a Hub Event.

Hub Events will normally be held at our offices at Angel Gate and each centre will be dealt with on an individual basis by one of our Centre Moderators at a scheduled time.

Centres can submit learner portfolios and related documents in either electronic or paper form. However, paper based portfolios will need to be delivered to us and collected again by the centre. Ideally this will be on the Hub Event day itself, though deliveries can be earlier if necessary and collections can be arranged for a short time later.

Attendance from centre staff is not required, though a contact telephone number is, so that a responsible member of staff from the centre is available to answer any questions during the external moderation process. If centre staff wish to attend in person they are welcome to do so.

To save centres delivering many potentially bulky portfolios, we have a sampling system so that only a minimum number of portfolios will need to be sent in. A sample will be selected at the point that the completed ERAC (Electronic Recommendation for the Award of Credit) form is uploaded to QuartzWeb via the EResults Submission section. The names of the learners selected for sampling will display on the confirmation screen after the ERAC has been submitted. This means that ERAC results will need to be submitted in advance (ideally no less than one week before) of the Hub Event day.

We are available to answer any queries you may have: call 020 76895865 or email: thehub@ocnlondon.org.uk


For Hub Event dates and to book into a Hub Event, contact Sara-Anne Bird at thehub@ocnlondon.org.uk. You are advised to book a place as soon as possible.

INSTRUCTIONS when using ‘The Hub’

  1. Register your learners on the course run, as per the usual OCN London process.
  2. Book your Hub event in advance of the course run ending, by emailing thehub@ocnlondon.org.uk or calling 020 7689 5865.
  3. Prior to the end of the course run, ensure all learners claiming achievement have been assessed as achieved and the assessment decisions have been internally moderated
  4. Ensure learners evaluate your centre’s delivery of the course and keep records of the evaluations from learners, in accordance with our usual requirements.
  5. When learners have been assessed and internal moderation has taken place, upload their results to the course ERAC on QuartzWeb, in keeping with as per usual OCN London practice .

    Following the results being uploaded, you will receive an email with an automatically selected sample of learners that we will want to externally moderate, at the Hub event. You only need to provide portfolios / learner evidence for the learners selected by us and named in the sample.

  6. Two weeks prior to the Hub event, go through the Hub checklist to ensure you complete/have completed everything you need for a successful external moderation at the Hub event. Then provide OCN London with the following:
    1. Learner portfolios or evidence of achievement for each learner to be sampled.
    2. The internal moderation report(s) or record(s) that relates to the internal moderation for the course run(s) to be considered.
    3. Learner evaluations for the course run(s) to be considered.
    4. The completed Hub checklist.


You may be interested to know that over the past year, OCN London has developed an easy to use ePortfolio system, OPT for short, that is free for all members to use. This is an ideal way to keep learner evidence and assessment records, and itself allows for ‘remote’ external moderation. It also encourages paperless assessment and assessment good practice through the simple learner tracking and feedback page. For more information see our web pages dedicated to OPT, including a short video demonstration at http://www.ocnlondon.org.uk/centres/opt.

We are also happy to visit your centre to provide you with a live, personal demonstration. Call us on 020 7278 5511 to find out more.