What is Assessment?

Assessment is the means by which a learner’s skills and knowledge are reviewed in order to evaluate what they have learned.

In the case of OCN accreditation and qualifications, assessment is the process by which judgements are made about whether a learner has achieved the learning outcomes in a unit.

Assessment Guidance

The OCN London Assessment Guidance document provides further information on the minimum requirements for assessment including the nature of tasks that could be set at different levels and the type of evidence to collect.

OCN London bespoke accreditation assessment guide
OCNLR Nationally Recognised Qualification (QCF) assessment guide


Assessment Templates

OCN London has developed a set of assessment forms which are available for centres to use. These are based on good practice in centres as identified by Centre Moderators. They are not mandatory but recommended to new centres and to existing centres reviewing their Assessment practice.

A1 Learner Assessment Log
A1b Learner Unit Tracking Sheet
A2.1 Assessment Sheet Proforma
A2.2 Assessment Sheet guidance
A3 Tutor Observation Sheet
A4 Record of Discussion

Assessment continued:

For tutors/trainers, assessment:

  • Provides objective information which enables them to give learners constructive feedback on their progress;
  • Provides information which allows them to respond to individual learners’ needs;
  • Helps evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a course;
  • Demonstrates that a course has clear learning goals which are being met effectively;
  • Shows whether learners have met all of the learning outcomes and assessment criteria in the unit, which then allows them to be awarded the credits for that unit.

For learners, assessment:

  • Acknowledges achievement, thereby providing a sense of achievement and increasing motivation to continue learning;
  • Helps them to develop skills of self-assessment;
  • Demonstrates and confirms what they have learned;
  • An increasing number of OCN London centres are using e-portfolios and digital media in assessment. If you are interested in this approach to assessing and evidencing learning, contact us to find our more.