Quality training for maternity nurses has helped to make Little Ones one of UK’s leading providers for nannies and childcare

When a new mum first goes home with her baby - or after having her baby at home - it can be extremely scary, isolating and daunting. If there’s no immediate family around, as is often common now with new mums, it can be a very lonely time.

This is where the agency Little Ones, established in 2005, offers to help. As the UK’s leading nanny, childcare and domestic placement provider, one of its roles is placing nannies with parents. But it also provides maternity and post-natal practitioners   (known as maternity nurses) who go into new parents’ homes from day one of a newborn’s life.

Maternity practitioners are not like a nanny as they are only there for the first few weeks of a baby’s life. They move in with the family so they can be on hand to offer help with getting the baby to sleep, feeding, hygiene, bathing and also taking care of the new mother who may be feeling overwhelmed.

“If you’ve never had a child in your life, it’s not always as natural as you may have been led to believe,”  says Aurelie Chassac who works as a maternity practitioner and trainer for Little Ones. “Once they’ve had a baby lots of mums feel very lost. The idea of a maternity practitioner is to give them confidence so they can manage on their own after a few weeks support.”

Since 2014 Little Ones has also been providing training, accredited by OCN London, at weekends in its London office near Oxford Circus.

“As  some of our learners  come from other countries and may not have English as a first language we need to be flexible in our approach,” says Aurelie. “Some need to extend their knowledge, may want training for a new job or perhaps they want to convert from general nursing to focus on childcare. Others like to take one of our courses before they start looking for work so they go into the job market ready trained.”

The demand for the agency’s training has increased significantly over the last five years. Having the course accredited is essential.

“We chose OCN London because it’s a very well- known awarding body. Nannies from overseas who go back to their countries want something tangible they can take back with them. OCN London is recognised internationally as offering high-quality training and assessment, especially in Spain, Italy, France and Dubai,” says Aurelie.

Little Ones took units from OCN London’s unit bank and adapted them to fit their own needs. Assessment is carried out during the training days with group discussions and activities. Then coursework is sent to the students to complete afterwards, a task that involves writing up case studies and essays to demonstrate their learning. The work is then assessed by Aurelie and moderated/verified by internal moderator at Little Ones, before being sent to OCN London for the final assessment.

The course covers breast and bottle feeding support, helping new mothers to with effective sleeping routines and feeding, health and hygiene care of newborns, meal planning and how to effectively care for premature infants and multiple births.

Aurelie says:

“I believe in the holistic care of mother and baby. My experience in the field of maternity care has taught me every mother has a unique way she would like her infant cared for. It is so important for a maternity practitioner to arrive with knowledge and understanding, ready to offer this unique family a method of care which is tailored specifically to their newborn and their needs.”

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