How the JGLB charity has developed an innovative approach to  training and online assessment for their youth leadership training programme.

For over 120 years an organisation called the JLGB has been training and developing young Jewish people to become respected leaders, not only in the world of youth services, but in the wider world of employment and business. JLGB provides leadership training for its own volunteers and for many other Jewish youth movements and charities. Many young people who learned their leadership skills as 11 to 18-year-olds with the JLGB then go on to become adult volunteers, running weekly group activities and leading courses on residential camps.

“Our unique and bespoke accredited leadership training is available to all Jewish youth movements in the UK. The difference that it has made to JLGB Leaders has been phenomenal,” says Gia Nathan, JLGB’s Director of Strategic Partnerships.

JLGB has a dedicated team of people who will help to find courses and modules that are right for learners. Examples of off-the-shelf modules include developing leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork, organisational skills, risk management, safeguarding and peer mentoring. They have access to OCN London’s bank of over 2,500 ‘off-the-shelf’ modules, from Entry Level to Level 2. In addition, there is the option to create 'bespoke' units and programmes that meet the needs of their learners.

To map and track their training, JLGB has developed a sophisticated online system that enables learners to submit coursework online, replacing a paper-based log book or folder. The work is then reviewed by tutors and sent to OCN London for verification.  This means that learners can keep track of their progress and upload work, including videos and photos. Another big advantage is that the internal reviewer at JLGB can log in and give comments and feedback to learners. The content can also be used for CVs and for job or UCAS applications.

“Doing my leadership training through JLGB has helped me to be the young leader that  I am today and I know that completing OCN London accredited courses is going to help me for the rest of my life. I’ve now got an online record of accredited courses that I’ve done which has been really useful when applying to university and jobs.”  (Luke, aged 19).

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