If you are an Access to HE centre, please visit our dedicated Access To HE Centre Area. If you want an overview of the operations centres need to carry out as active members of OCN London, see the Centre Operations Handbook. If you want to see a list of qualifications your centre is approved to deliver click My Courses. If you cannot locate the information that you need, please contact us.


Learner Registration is carried out by logging on to QuartzWeb or Access QuartzWeb for Access to HE learners. Learn more by looking at our handy QuartzWeb Guides.

Assessment is the means by which the centre checks that learners have achieved the relevant learning adjectives for their course/unit(s). We have produced some Assessment Guides and some helpful templates to get you started. If you are delivering Essential Digital Skills Qualifications, you can inform us of your assessment dates using the EDSQ Assessment Event form.

Moderation is the process of checking that learners are being fairly and consistently assessed. With Internal Moderation this is carried out by someone at the centre. We have produced some helpful guidance and templates to assist you with this. External Moderation is carried out by OCN London Centre Moderators. Learn more about External Moderation and centre visits.

The Hub is our scheme for centres to get their External Moderation done quicker for superfast certification. Learn more about the Hub.

Direct Claim Status. A centre with DCS can directly claim credit certificates for learners from OCN London on the signature of its Approved Internal Moderator (AIM) alone. This is a special category of centre that is judged to have an appropriately skilled and knowledgeable Approved Internal Moderator and robust quality systems. Learn more.

Training and Development. We offer a range of training and development sessions throughout the year from half-day introductory courses to qualifications with four teaching days.To book onto a training session, locate your chosen session in the All Events page and click Book Now!



Training and Development

We run regular OCN London training sessions to assist centres in all aspects of course delivery. You can also look at some training videos on Assessment, Moderation and Maladministration.

We have also produced some How To articles below:



Course Delivery Tools

OPT - OCN London ePortfolio Tool is a system that utilises Google Drive to help centres administer OCN London courses. Learn more.

Support Materials. OCN London now produces course delivery and assessment materials for most of our most popular units. See the Support Materials page to learn more and download some samples.

For information on "Bespoke Units" please contact -David Watson