Kendal College learners on the Police and Criminology diploma

1) "After looking at many other colleges I decided to pick Kendal College’s Access to HE: Policing and Criminology course. The course described was everything I was interested in which is mainly policing, but also I loved the fact the course was grouped in with criminology, psychology and sociology as they are my favourite four subjects that I wanted to learn about. The college is also one of the only few near the area that does a course like this making it a big plus. Having attended for the last six months I can happily say that I couldn’t have picked a better college or course. The information lessons are engaging and interesting; and the teachers help and guide you whenever they can and are always helpful and always available to help. Even with some of our lessons being online the teachers haven’t let the quality of the lessons slip; and have been just as good as being in the college itself. I am wanting to go onto university to study professional policing and from the lessons I will be a step ahead from everyone else because of this course; and when the day comes to leave the college I will miss every part of it."

2) "I left secondary school at sixteen and went on to get a 9-5 job in a factory, it left me feeling deflated and wanting more. I knew the only way to have a chance of getting an exciting and fulfilling career was to achieve and gain higher qualifications. I went on to redo my GCSE Maths course first, to achieve a level six. I knew if I could commit myself to a unpreferred subject then I could commit to something that interested me. I looked at Kendal College’s website and originally signed up for the level three forensics course, I was not sure exactly what I wanted to study but the admission team were very supportive and suggested that the new Access to HE: Policing and Criminology course would be suitable if I wanted to attend university. The course is fantastic, it gives a real insight into possible job prospects that I could be going in to. The tutors are extremely supportive and help as much as they can, but to succeed in this course you need to be self-motivated and organised. I am going to progress onto university to study criminology and law, the access course is preparing me for what is expected of a year one university student. I am beyond happy with my decision to study at Kendal."