Access to Higher Education Diploma specification

QAA Grading scheme handbook


(Section A) Introduction and summary

(Section B) The grade descriptors

(Section C) Using the grade descriptors in assessment

(Section D) Moderation and standardisation

(Section E) Student results and awards boards

Tutors’ Quick Guide to Grading

Grading scheme infographic

The Grading Scheme Handbook should be read before assignment briefs are designed. The following sections are likely to be referred to when designing and internally moderating assignment briefs:

  • A.2 – Core principles

  • A.3 – Key features of the grading scheme

  • B.2 – Guidance about terms used in the descriptors

  • B.3 – The grade descriptors in detail

  • C.2 – Planning for assessment with grading

  • C.3 – Providing advance information to students

  • Annex C1 – Regulations for use of Numerical Marking

The Grading Scheme Handbook also contains the regulations regarding the management of learner submissions, including draft submissions, late submissions and resubmissions (C.4 - Managing Student Submissions and Annex C4-6 flowcharts of submission processes). Further guidance about submission procedures can be found in the OCN London Submission Process guidance (log-in required).