OCN London has developed a free online document management system which we are calling OPT, which stands for OCN London ePortfolio Tool. When centres register learners on a course, each learner gets an online folder which is pre-populated with their name, units, learning outcomes, assessment criteria and grading descriptors. The learner can upload their work to the folder using the site accesstohe.ocnlondon.org.uk and tutors have their own login which gives them access to all of the learners' folders, and summaries of the cohort's progress overall.

How does it work?

Tutors are given access to a Google Drive containing all the folders and files they need to keep track of a cohort’s progress.

OCN London ePortfolio for Access to HE

Learners have the option of collecting assignment briefs and submitting assignments to the folders without needing to login to the system.

How does OPT help me to keep track of a cohort’s progress?

Assignment briefs forms and assignment brief feedback forms are pre-prepared ready for the tutor to complete. There is also a pre-prepared spreadsheet containing all learner and unit data that may be used for recording grades and overall progress.

How does OPT help learners keep track of their progress?

The system makes it easy to email links to learners so they may view their assignment feedback forms and overall progress without having to login.

Do we have to use OPT?

No. You may use OPT as much or as little as you wish. If you have established methods of collecting learner work electronically, you could just use the OPT folders as a storage mechanism. You could even print out the assignment briefs and assignment feedback forms as part of a paper based system.