Access to HE Awards Boards

Throughout the academic year, providers will have appropriate procedures in place to deal with late submissions, extenuating circumstances (where additional time is given to complete an assessment) and resubmissions at course level. For exceptional cases, it may be necessary to apply for special cases and appeals at final moderation and/or the Awards Board at the end of the academic year.

The following forms can be completed by the Access Coordinator and designated staff to request extensions beyond Final Moderation or changes to learners' results. In addition to the forms, supporting evidence is required in order that the Awards Board can make an informed decision. Information about the process for each of the forms is on their individual pages.

Extenuating circumstances form

This Extenuating Circumstances form should be completed before Final Moderation. It covers circumstances where:

  • a medical condition has prevented achievement (including illness or accident to the learner or to a close family member, and pregnancy complications). 
  • another issue has prevented the learner from achieving their Diploma (including incidence of crime, technical issues, loss of work etc.) 

The form should be printed and presented to the Centre Moderator with evidence for the extenuating circumstances at Final Moderation. If evidence for the Extenuating Circumstances is not available for Final Moderation, then an Appeals Form must be completed.

Referral form

This referral form should be completed before Final Moderation. It covers circumstances where:

  • The learner has failed to meet Assessment Criteria after resubmission. 
  • The learner has failed to meet Assessment Criteria following late submission.

If a learner requires a referral during the academic year, this should be requested from the Lead Access Moderator using an LRef1 form. 

Appeals form

This appeals form should be completed before the Awards Board. It covers circumstances where:

  • There have been institutional/operational issues within the centre that have prevented learner achievement (such as unexpected staff absence/illness). 
  • There been centre administrative errors 
  • There are extenuating circumstances where supporting evidence has only been available after final moderation, but in time for the the Awards Board.

Appeal due to data entry error form

This form can be completed in cases where the learner's results have been inputted incorrectly when completing the pre-RAC. Appeals due to other errors (e.g. in the assessment or internal moderation process) should be made using the appeals or post-awards board appeals forms. This form should be completed for all data entry errors, whether they are noted before or after the awards board.

Post awards board appeals form

The post awards board appeals form should be completed for any appeals about learner achievement raised after the Awards Board, apart from data entry errors.