Access to HE Awards Boards

Throughout the academic year, providers will have appropriate procedures in place to deal with late submissions, extenuating circumstances (where additional time is given to complete an assessment) and resubmissions at course level. For exceptional cases, it may be necessary to apply for special cases and appeals at final moderation and/or the Awards Board at the end of the academic year.

The following forms can be completed by the Access Coordinator and designated staff to request extensions beyond Final Moderation or changes to learners' results. In addition to the forms, supporting evidence is required in order that the Awards Board can make an informed decision.

Appeals guidance - for centres

Appeals guidance - for learners

Forms for use by centres to make an appeal to OCN London:

Request for an extension beyond final moderation due to extenuating circumstances

Data entry error form

Appeal form

In 2021-22, there are additional arrangements in place to support learners with extenuating circumstances that are connected to the Covid-19 pandemic. Guidance and associated forms for these processes can be found in the tutor resource area.