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Welcome to the OCN London unit bank. Here you can search for details of our qualification units regulated by Ofqual. If you require information regarding our bespoke units please contact the OCN London curriculum development team

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CodeUnit NameCreditLevelOCN RefSubject TierLinked Quals
A/504/8826 Personal and Interpersonal Conflict 3L1HB1/1/LQ/053Foundations For Learning and Life
D/504/1478 Using ICT Skills in a Workplace 2E2CP0/E2/LQ/001Preparation for Work
D/504/2033 Conflict Theory in Mediation 3L3EC8/3/LQ/005Health and Social Care
H/503/3253 Understanding Personal and Interpersonal Conflict 3L1HB1/1/LQ/023 
H/504/1241 Using ICT Equipment in the Work Place 2E1HC1/E1/LQ/004Preparation for Work
H/504/1627 Using ICT Equipment in a Workplace 2E3AJ3/E3/LQ/001Preparation for Work
J/503/3164 Transforming Own Behaviour in Conflict 3L1HB1/1/LQ/021 
J/505/8811 Understanding Self in Conflict 3L1HB1/1/LQ/056Foundations For Learning and Life
L/504/1699 Using ICT Skills in a Workplace 2E3CP0/E3/LQ/001Preparation for Work
L/508/4357 Working with Medium Risk Victims of Domestic Abuse 6L3PS2/3/LQ/029 
M/504/8726 Conflict Resolution 3L2HB1/2/LQ/053Foundations For Learning and Life
R/504/1283 Using ICT Skills in a Work Place 2E1CP0/E1/LQ/001Preparation for Work
R/504/1302 Using ICT Equipment in the Workplace 2E2CP0/E2/LQ/002Preparation for Work
R/504/8718 Behaviour in Conflict 3L1HB1/1/LQ/051Foundations For Learning and Life
R/600/5250 Understanding Conflict Resolution 3L2HB1/2/LQ/026 
R/616/4978 Responding to Victims of Sexual Violence 6L3PR4/3/LQ/001 
T/503/3256 Understanding Self in Conflict 3L1HB1/1/LQ/026 
Y/502/4324 Developing ICT Skills 4E1HD6/E1/LQ/025 
Y/615/2654 Social, Legal and Health Implications of ICT 3L2GC2/2/LQ/002