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A problem has been reported affecting ePortfolios produced end of 2016/ start of 2017 causing learner folders to appear at the top level of the Drive. To remove the learner folders from the top level (without removing from its correct place inside the RAC folder) do the following:

  • Select the folder;
  • Click the i icon;
  • Click the Details tab;
  • Next to Location click the X next to My Drive.

OCN London has developed a free online document management system which we are calling OPT, which stands for OCN London ePortfolio Tool. When centres register learners on a course, each learner gets an online folder which is pre-populated with their name, units, learning outcomes, assessment criteria and grading descriptors. The learner can upload their work to the folder using the site and tutors have their own login which gives them access to all of the learners' folders, and summaries of the cohort's progress overall.

You can read more general information about OPT here.

A version of OPT specifically designed for Access to HE is currently under development. You can watch a short presentation of the prototype system below.

If you would like to be involved with a trial of OPT for this academic year, please email Damien Devaney at